Gas Generators

Stickstoffgenerator, Stickstoffgeneratoren, Gas Generator, Nitrogen Gas Generator, Nitrogen Generator, PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator

  • Nitrogen generators (membrane type)
  • Nitrogen generators (PSA type)
  • Hydrogen generators
  • Zero air generators
  • Purge gas generators
  • TOC gas generators

Gas generators for laboratory and industry

cmc Instruments manufacture a full range of gas generators for nitrogen, hydrogen, zero air, purge gas and TOC gas. Applications are found in LC-MS laboratories, GC labor- atories, FT-IR spectroscopy, total hydrocarbon analysis (THA), industrial purging and many more.

  Nitrogen Generators, membrane technology

  • 99.7% Nitrogen
  • Low maintenance
  • 4 filters
  • Best membrane
  • Low cost of ownership
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  Nitrogen Generators, PSA technology

  • 99.999% Nitrogen
  • Low maintenance
  • High purity
  • Eliminates need for cylinders in lab
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  Hydrogen generators

  • 99.999% H2
  • Constant purity
  • Easy install
  • Sophisticated safety control
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  Zero Air Generators

  • THC < 0.05 ppm (as methane)
  • Save money space and time
  • Low maintenance
  • Models from 2 - 1000 Nl/min
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  Purge Gas Generators

  • CO2 < 1ppm, H2O < 1ppm
  • Clear background
  • Safe, inexpensive
  • Low maintenance
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  TOC Gas Generators

  • THC < 0.05 ppm (as methane), CO2 < 1 ppm, H2O < 1ppm
  • Flat baseline = high performance
  • Low cost of ownership
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  Puregas - Gas purification systems

  • Self regenerates, no maintenance
  • Removes water, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrocarbons, freons, sulphur compounds
  • Stable baselines, no 'noise'
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  Calibration gas and Test gas generators

  • 'Bump' testing of chlorine (Cl2), hydrogen (H2), hydrogen cyanide (HCN), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), chlorine dioxide (ClO2) gas sensors
  • Calibration gas generator
  • Low power, battery powered
  • Interchangeable, disposable cells
  • Saves money over disposable cylinders!
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