Distributor for Innov Analysis Systems

cmc Instruments GmbH is the exclusive distributor in Germany for Innov Analysis Systems.


WearSens® - MACHINES 2019 - Presentation

We invite you to attend the presentation "Deep Online Analysis Of Dielectric Parameters For Lubricants With An Innovative Oil Sensor System"


Nitrogen generators (membrane or PSA technology), zero air generators,
hydrogen generators, purge gas generators, TOC gas generators
Trace moisture analyzers, fixed and portable, for corrosive gases, medical oxygen and combustible gases. Choice of housings and sample systems.
WearSens® a patented Oil Sensor System for early detection of damage fault states in turbines, gears, bearings and OilQSens® for transformers.
Trace gas analyzers, oxygen analyzers, hydrogen analyzers, hydrogen in chlorine analyzers, biogas analyzers. Hydrogen purifiers for ppb purity for N2, Ar, He and other rare gases, process GC, gas chromatograph.
Coalescing filters, oleophobic and hydrophobic, Compressed air filters, drying column filters, membrane filters